Solid Sound Plus on Radiant Flooring


Information regarding usage over radiant heated floors

Solid Sound Plus is authorized for use over “In Floor” heating systems.

Manufacturing of Solid Sound Plus takes place in one of the cleanest manufacturing environments most of us would ever encounter. There are no masks, or respirators required or used by anyone
involved in the factory since there are no harmful or toxic chemicals, aerosols or the like used or produced in the process.

Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen compounds are the molecules from which Solid Sound Plus is made. There are no toxic gases or leachates given off or created since no toxins are incorporated into the product during manufacturing.

The above is from the Environmental profile of Solid Sound.

The product is extruded in molten state at more than 5 (five) times the temperature it would ever reach in service over radiant heated floors.

Therefore it does not experience distortion, as result of floor temperatures within the range commonly found with in floor systems regardless of the type, unless the system itself could be caused to overheat dramatically.

“Cross linked” polyolefin foams can only be recycled into low grade alternate products owing to the fact the molecules do not separate even under high heat conditions. For this reason, the product does not break down i n the manner which normal plastics can or other types of foams commonly found in furniture, carpet pad and the like.

Cross linked foams cannot even be„re-ground‟ for use in production of the same type of product for this same reason. Cross linking prevents breakdown.

We trust this information may be of use in understanding the long useful life of this exceptional product.