Sound Suppression Underlay

SolidSound Plus Flooring Underlay

SolidSound ‘+’ is Trademark’s brand of underlay which is produced by a single manufacturer specializing in cellular foams and laminating.

Trademark is currently planning expansion of offerings in this category to include recycled membrane for use in glue-down application in support of our flooring offerings.


SolidSound Plus FAQs

SolidSound Plus is a ‘Polyolefin’ foam product. Click on the questions below to get the answers.

What is Polyolefin foam?

Organic compounds (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen) made from by-products of Fossil fuel refining.

How is SolidSound made?

Using energy, it is formed into a sheet, then ‘Foamed’ by use of an additive which reacts to heat.

Is SolidSound toxic?

No toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing; no CFCs (Ozone depleting compound) are used as foaming agents by the manufacturer .

Is SolidSound Recyclable?

Yes. Polyolefin foams are being used to manufacture floor mats for industrial and commercial applications

Is SolidSound biodegradable?

Biodegradable foams would physically break down in service as underlayment.

break down if placed in landfill?

In the presence of enzymes over extended time periods, it is probable that polyolefins  break down with correct conditions in landfill.

What is given off during decomposition?

Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen compounds – the same molecules the foam is made of. There are no toxic gases, or leachates given off or created since no toxins are incorporated into the product during manufacturing.

SolidSound Plus Literature & Technical Information

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