Unique Custom Floors

Unique West Coast Species Custom Floors

Over the past 10 years we’ve been involved in creating some pretty unique custom floor styles.  Regrettably it’s not easy to gain access to finished floor sites which are in remote areas from the Yukon to Florida, to photograph finished floors.

We are therefore able for the time being to show only Sample photo’s of these items of potential interest.

Engineered floors such as VG Douglas Fir or Hemlock are very competitive with equivalent solid versions of the specie.

VG Douglas Fir Wide Plank

Specie:  VG Douglas Fir
Colour: Natural
Finish:   Modified Hardwax
Maintenance:  Oil system
Soft textured,  exceedingly fine grained.
The sample is not contrived to be brighter than normal
“Warming” effect of finish is normal

Specie:  Vertical Grain Douglas Fir
Colour: Natural
Finish:   UV Polyurethane
Maintenance:  Poly system 
Description :   Soft textured, warm glow, darkens somewhat from finish and light exposure.

Vertical Grain Coast Hemlock 2 Finishes

Specie:  Vertical Grain Coastal Hemlock
Colour: Blonde
Finish: -Water Based P.U.
Maintenance: Polyurethane
The upper sample finish is made brighter
to retain the look of the Un-finished specie.
The lower is normal WB PU

Vertical Grain Coastal Hemlock  WB PU finish
Vertical Grain Coastal Hemlock WB PU finish

Floors as unique as the Owner

Trademark works closely with interior designers, builders, renovators and of course owners to find the optimum custom flooring colour and finish for their project. We then use our Factory system to control finishing so that product ships without contaminants, ready to install.  Furthermore we use finish that’s nearly impossible to approximate on site.