Evergreen Hardwood Specifications

High quality finished, long fixed length, wide plank, single strip Engineered Hardwood flooring.

Configuration:                   9/16” thick     x 6” or 7.4” wide    x 6’  Length    (7’ French Oak)
Face Layer:                          4mm (3/16″)  sawn hardwood. (Alt. 6mm  (1/4″ )    face special order)
Lengths:                                85% full length 6’ boards (Baltic).        7’product will be 65% 7ft
Core:                                       Multi-layer base
Glue lines:                            Meets German (European) E-1 standard emissions
Moisture:                              7 % +/-
Finish:                                   Options  – order according to color
Colors:                                   Standard range or Custom colors, refer to list.
Surface Treatment:         Wire brushing to various depths.
T&G Machining:                Standard T&G, Beveled 4 edges
Specie selection:               White Oak Baltic, European or French Oak mixed rustic grade
Grades:                                  Casual –includes, color & grain variation, sapwood and heartwood, wild grain, burls, filled knots, mineral streaks.
Contemporary –mixed grain, color selected, uniform look, with only occasional small knots, sapwood streaks, swirling grains etc.

NOTECharacteristics and color vary and should not be specified from single samples.
We do not guarantee that colors will match any particular sample due to the wide variety of color within any specie. Wood density varies, causing stain absorption variation as well, so colors are always within a ‘range’.

Installation:                        May be installed by “float-in” technique, staple/cleat, or full spread glue.
Heated floors:        Only certain grades of oak can be used over radiant heated (RH) floors. Radiant floor installation guide must be followed.                                               Customers must be informed of limitations & what to expect. Not warranted against shrinking or cracking.
Maintenance:          See Maintenance guides or www.woodfloors.org
Installation site:    Site conditions must be within industry guidelines as to RH, Sub-floor Moisture, pH etc. Humidifiers or de-humidifiers recommended for RH control between 30 – 50%.
Warranty: See Warranty publication.