Wood Factory Finishing Process

Wood Factory Finishing Equipment

Trademark specializes in wood factory finishing for professional interior designers and builders. We don’t ‘site’ finish, instead our pre-finishing equipment is used to sand, brush, stain and buff the to yield a hand rubbed look and feel. We then select and apply a variety of protective coatings depending on what is appropriate or desired. Our application techniques benefit owners by avoiding contaminated finish, dust and odor associated with site finishing.  Much of our wood finishing employs UV light curing to achieve durability, ease of maintenance and extended life.

Coating and curing line equipment

A Flooring Finish That Lasts

Finishing products we use are either German, Belgian or Canadian, all VOC free.  We value the health of our employees and minimize the use of and exposure to solvents thereby providing a clean working environment.


In some ways an art form, wood floors still need to perform without complex maintenance or risk. As it is vital that owners understand how to properly care for their fine wood floor, we make every effort to provide detailed maintenance information which ensures ease of mind and long term enjoyment.

Have a Question?

Trademark invites interior designers, decorators and clients to participate in the selection of colour, texture and finish appropriate for the use and for the site.  We’ve learned that direct communication ensures clarity for both clients as well as production. This consultative process also allows us to have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and we proudly showcase current colours and looks from some of Vancouver’s leading local designers. For all inquiries, follow the link below and we will be happy to assist you.