Custom Processing Services

Custom Services

As trends and the scope of business have developed in recent years, Trademark has increased production capabilities thereby benefiting customers’ unique requirements. We regularly customize our products to meet individual needs and preferences. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

  • Square Stair Nosings
  • Accent Brushing softwood profiles
  • Flat Line Finishing
  • Re-finishing to Correct Flaws in Imported Flooring


Square Stair Nosings

Square Stair Nosings are made from pre-finished flooring, in any height, width, and up to 16 feet in length.

Each nosing is Double Lock Mitered for strength

The Radius edge is sanded, stained to match, and finished

The Return is supported with a stabilizer strip for greater rigidity

Accent Brushing

With our state of the art brushing equipment, the grain structure of  West Coast Softwood is dramatically accentuated. Trademark is also in the process of installing specialized equipment to enable stain and finishing of highly textured surfaces, deeply beveled and revealed softwood profiles.

Unique brushed rustic look gives lasting impression

Versatile equipment allows customized brushed finishes

The only equipment in Western Canada with this complex brush capabilities

Flat Line Finishing

Our 24″ wide Roll Coating and UV Curing Production Line uses primarily polyurethanes or acrylate polymer finishes which ensures high durability.


We also offer water-based polyurethane, oxidative oil or hardwax oil depending on the application and customer preference.


UV Curing Line >>


Have a Question?

Trademark works closely with interior designers, builders, renovation contractors, decorators and home owners, to determine the optimum custom flooring. This consultative approach ensures complete understanding of critical parameters of site conditions, scope of use, colour choice and function requirements before production begins.  For personalized service, follow the link below and we will be happy to assist you.