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Custom Finished Flooring

This section of samples are those which were developed in conjunction with contributing professional Interior Designers over recent years.

In some instances, the goal or desired Look, requires avoiding both blotching and natural color variations in order to see only light traces of features in the grain pattern.

In other cases, and currently there’s a trend toward presentation of the most natural looking finished product possible – ‘a finished but un-finished look’.  Both are represented in the sample photos below.

Often achieving uniformity and colour consistency is the designer’s goal. Achieving the desired appearance within budgetary constraints comes about through consultation.

It’s our firm belief that such communication is the cornerstone of success in developing the desired appearance and performance of any finished floor.

Uniformity vs Blotching

Blotching occurs where the wood grain is very ‘open’ at the surface and it thereby absorbs more stain than surrounding areas. This condition most often occurs either side of knots or reversing grain direction and can not always be predicted or identified while the product is un-finished, even in Contemporary Look raw material.  To avoid the appearance which for some is objectionable, one must do considerably more preparatory sealing before staining or finishing with protective coatings.

Preparatory treatment and alternate staining techniques dramatically reduce blotching for more uniform colour or look.   Despite the excess processing, these products remain very competitive with equivalent European imports.

Driven by Design Flooring Options


Evergreen Hardwood
Specie:  Baltic Oak
Colour:  Neutral
Finish:  Water Based P.U.
Maintenance: Poly system

Designer: Grape Vine Designs

Baltic Cas Neutral Grapevine Des

Evergreen Hardwood
Baltic AB
Colour: Charcoal & Black
Finish: Low luster UV Water based
Maintenance:  Poly system

Designer: AJ Barker


Provincial Series 
Specie:  American White Oak Rift & Quartered
Colour:  “Baro”
Finish:   UV Oil
Maintenance:  Oil system

Designer: The Watton Design Group


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Trademark works closely with interior designers and decorators to find the optimum custom flooring colour, texture and finish for their clients. This enables us to have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and we proudly showcase current colours and looks from some of Vancouver’s leading local designers. For all inquiries, follow the link below and we will happy to assist you.