Provincial Hardwood Specifications

Manufactured in B.C.

Various species, long length, wide plank, single strip Engineered Hardwood flooring

Configuration:                         9/16” x 5.375” or 7.25”
Face Layer:                               4mm sawn hardwood.
Lengths:                                   2’ – 10’, Heavy 7’ – 10’
Core:                                           Multi-layer exterior grade Baltic Birch Glue lines: Meets German (European) E-1 standard emissions
Moisture:                                 8 % +/- 1%
Finish:                                       UV polyurethane, water-based polyurethane, modified oxidative hardwax
Colors:                                       Standard range or custom colours
Surface Treatment:             Commonly light brushed, can be heavily brushed for certain finishes.
T&G Machining:                    Standard T&G, beveled 4 edges
Hardwood Species:             White Oak, Black Walnut, Sapele, Ash.
West Coast species:             VG Doug Fir, Western Maple, VG Hemlock.
Grades:                                     White Oak is normally Select grade, though Rustic is available. Black Walnut grading differs -consult.

NOTE – Characteristics vary and should not be specified from single samples. We do not guarantee that colors will match any particular sample due to the variety of color within any specie. Board density affects the absorption of stains resulting in variations.

Installation:                      We recommend full spread glue down, however these may be installed using “float-in” technique, staple/cleat.
Heated floors: Radiant floor installation guide must be followed. Customers must be informed of limitations & what to expect when heating causes drying, shrinkage & possibility of cracking. Maintenance: See Maintenance guides for wood floors or
Installation site: Site conditions must be within industry guidelines as to humidity, Sub-floor Moisture, PH if gluing, etc. Humidifiers or de-humidifiers recommended for RH control between 30 – 50%
Warranty: See Warranty publication.