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Trademark Floors & Finishing specializes in producing custom finished wood flooring. Over the years, we have carefully invested in the necessary production equipment and  have developed an unrelenting attention to detail required for maintaining consistency.  Experience has taught us there is no substitute for this approach.

We are committed to offering professional, experienced customer consultation and service.  Adhering to these principles is what enables Trademark to produce the variety of exceptional pre-finished wood floors we now offer.

Factory finished floors offer
contaminant free, enhanced durability compared to site finished floors.

  1. baltic-russian-nuetral-wbpu

    Casual Look Floors

    Casual Look includes a variety of naturally occurring features caused by growing conditions of the tree.  This option presents interesting character in the floor  giving it life and highlighting natural variations.
    <<  French Oak Rustic, Natural Oil finish

    Details & Sample Photos (click the links below)
  2. contemporary-look-finshed-flooring

    Contemporary Look Floors

    Contemporary Look floors are essentially free from natural features such as wild grain, knots, burls, sap inclusions or streaks, and offer a more uniform colour.  This option results in cleaner, less ‘busy’ appearing floors.
    <<  Baltic Oak  “Nordic” colour

    Description & Samples
  3. driven-by-design-custom-finished-flooring

    Designer Inspired Choices

    Trademark Floors & Finishing invites interior designers and clients to participate in the selection of appropriate colour, grade, texture, and finish for each site and its use. Together, we explore ideas and create your vision which ensures clarity before production begins. This also enables us to stay updated on current trends lead by the local design community. Follow the link below for assistance.
    <<  Baltic Oak,  “Charcoal on Black”

    Description & Samples

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Trademark Floors & Finishing works closely with interior designers, builders, renovators, decorators and of course, owners, to find the appropriate custom flooring and finish for their projects. This enables us to be aware of local trends in design and we showcase current colours and looks from some of Vancouver’s leading designers. For all inquiries follow the link below and we will be happy to assist you.