Hardwood Flooring Owner Maintenance

Responsibility toward your investment !

Source: Installation Specialist Magazine – Thanks to Tim McCool – Former NWFA Director of Technical Services

  • Regularly vacuum or dust the floor. Daily for owners with children and Pets, and less frequently for adult only owners.
  • Use mats at entrances to trap moisture and grit which otherwise can damage & prematurely wear the surface. (Clean regularly)
  • Periodically clean the floor, using mop & spray cleaner combination packages available from most wood flooring retailers.
    • Be careful of using “Grocery store” spray & mop products, which may not meet requirements. – namely too high of water content.
  • Ensure that Relative humidity within the home is maintained within the range 30 – 55% using a functioning good quality hygrometer and humidifier or de-humidifier as necessary.
  • Felt floor protectors must be installed on furniture legs to prevent furniture from scratching the floors.
    • These must be replaced regularly as they become compressed and useless.
  • Wipe up spills promptly, using absorbent cloth or tissue
  • Avoid the use of “Stiletto” healed shoes – – they can cause dents.
  • If “Cleaning services” are employed to clean periodically, ensure proper instruction is given as above. Monitor their activities.
    • Do not expect them to know what to do.
  • Validity of manufacturers warranties depends on owner adherence to maintenance recommendations. The condition of wood flooring will reveal how it has been treated and maintained. Incorrect or insufficient maintenance may void warranties.

More information is available at www.woodfloors.org