Wood Factory Finishing

Trademark Floors & Finishing – Wood Factory Finishing

It is our privilege to assist with the selection of specie, color, texture and finish in support of an owner’s vision and use with Trademark’s finishing services.  Site permitting, many possibilities are achievable. We do a lot of ‘bespoke’ products for floors, walls and ceilings, in various species, profiles & colours.

Trademark’s goal is to provide factory finishing scaled and suited to our domestic market.  Durable, factory production, completed with the input of customers and in proximity to sites.  By contrast, most hardwood flooring retailed in Western Canada is produced in third world countries with no connection to or interest in serving people within this market. As well, local species are not generally offered from Imports.


A floor is like a blank canvass with unlimited possibilities.

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Trademark invites interior designers, decorators and clients to participate in selection of colour, texture and finish appropriate for the site and its use.  We’ve learned that direct communication is what matters most to clients and it guides production. This also allows us to have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and we proudly showcase current colours and looks from some of Vancouver’s leading local designers. For all inquiries follow the link below and we will happy to assist you..