Wood Flooring Brands Defined

Trademark’s Two Brands of Flooring:

1. Provincial Series which includes several local species, as well as exotics, produced entirely in the Province of British Columbia are commonly, though not exclusively, available in Contemporary Look.

2. Evergreen Hardwood which are imported species of European Oaks (Baltic and Euro) available in both Contemporary and Casual Looks.

Brand names on each of the color samples are included under Casual, or Contemporary along with brief details of each item.

Below is detailed information including specification sheets for both Provincial Series and Evergreen Hardwood brands.

Color Samples

Please anticipate Monitor Color Display Differences. We invite you to contact us to visit our showroom or request a sample.

(click each sample to enlarge)


Provincial Series Specifications

Provincial Series – overall look of multiple boards.


Specie: American White Oak
Plain sawn Select & Better
Tiny knots, minor Sapwood
Long average length
 Photo : Unfinished

Specie: American Black Walnut
Select & Better, Plain sawn, allows sound knots, minor filling, occasional
sapwood only.


Evergreen Hardwood Specifications

Evergreen Hardwood – overall look of species using multiple boards.


Specie: French Oak
Flat sawn Mixed grain, sapwood, knots to 3″ Dia
Occasional large burls and colour variation.
Typical appearance including variations commonly found


Specie: Baltic Oak Unfinished
Casual Look
Comparatively “clean” in appearance, allowing variations in colour and sapwood.
Knot size and frequency is less dramatic than French or American Casual.


Specie: European Oak CD
Flat sawn, Casual Look,
Knots, Burls, Sapwood, Colour variations

Trademark works closely with interior designers and decorators to find the perfect custom flooring finish for their clients. This enables us to have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and we proudly showcase current colours and looks from some of Vancouver’s leading local designers.